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    International School

    Hebei Canglong International School——Brief introduction to the International Section’s Senior High School

    Entry requirements

    1. Students must have good ideological and moral character

    2. Strong learning ability, good comprehensive quality

    3. Independent living ability

    4. Students have the desire to go abroad for further study

    5. The families have to ability to pay for their study abroad.


    Directly attending international first-class universities

         Canglong Group, through its educational resources, can send students  directly-to the world first-class universities, e.g.:University of San Francisco, University of California, Illinois Institute of Technology , University of Toronto, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Kay Brighton University, the University of Prince Edward Island, Korea National Sport University, Sun Moon University and West London University, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Sydney, Royal Melbourne and University, Massey University, American Sports University, Herzing University and so on. We provide one-stop services for study abroad point to point, carry out targeted teaching, and make students win at the starting point.

     Curriculum setting

     Chinese Grade 10’s curriculum:strengthen the basis of Mathematics, physics and chemistry and remove political, historical, geographical and other disciplines.

    ESL comprehensive ability curriculum:overall improve students’ English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities.

     Foreign teachers’ oral curriculum: American educational model and philosophy, improving students oral ability and cross-cultures communicating ability.

     Comprehensive ability training:set up students’ positive attitude towards life, foster students’ innovating ability, thinking and telling ability, communicating ability and team spirit.

    Teaching force manning

    The curriculum, in accordance with the teaching syllabus, all will be taught by domestic outstanding teachers.  Foreign teachers are from the United States or Canada and other mainstream English speaking countries, adhering to the western teaching philosophy and emphasizing students’ ability training.

    Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, Duke University, University of Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, University of Heidelberg, Germany, University of Uppsala, Sweden


     We invite and hire outstanding teachers from American and European countries. They have rich teaching experience, at the same time, are proficient in Chinese, and love Chinese culture. In the combination of both Chinese and western teaching philosophies, they can give full play to their own advantages, guiding students to see the future with internationalized view and to set a life goal to become the world elites.


    Eight features

    • Obtain the diplomas of the US Senior High Schools, and attend the US top 30.or top 60

    • In China一 A year-Senior High School basic education—— Hebei Canglong International School

    •  In the US two year Senior High School quality education—— The schools appointed by the government of Washington State

    • 60-80 US University credits (equivalent to 20 AP curriculum)

    •  The US famous universities’ compulsory programs

    • Saving 1-2 years of time

    v  Harvard famous teacher team’s professional instruction, high quality tutors teaching

    v  Tailor-made and assist to implement the plans to transfer to famous universities


    Five major advantages

    v To the US to study- earlier! Faster! Better!

    v 16 years old study at the US Universities, 20 years old graduate from the US famous universities!

    v  Enjory Canglong’s high quality educational resources

    v  In China finish study at Grade 10, 16 years old begin to study at the US Universities

    v Finish 4-year-study in the US, get the US Senior High School diplomas and the US well-known University’s Bachelor’s degree certificates


     Canglong International classes——The comparison of advantages of the study of  Sino-US Senior High School to Universities

    The development after arriving to the US

    From China to the US, without stop, get the SHS diplomas presented by the government of Washington State and 60-80 US University credits  recognized by all the US universities(equivalent to 20 AP curriculum credits)as well as qualification to directly enter the Grade 2 or 3 of the top 30 or 60 US famous universities.


     The US Success Center’s brief introduction

    Located in Seattle, the US, it provides ESL stage tutorial, University curriculum choices and tutorial, planning extracurricular activities and dream school location, as well as the complete service of transfer etc. to help international students succeed and attend dreamed famous universities.


     Transition period in the US for students provides services and curriculum:

     Harvard famous teacher team’s professional instruction— transition period:2 school hr./week

    All-round and systematically analyses the transfer regulations and rules of the US

    Provides abundant and detailed information and the successful transfer cases to American Universities

    Makes GPA and ECA two-way plans to ensure academic success

     Tailor-makes and assists to implement the plans to transfer

    Optimizes application materials

    Maximizes application for scholarship

    Teaches by high quality tutors:in  two years, 1 school hr./week

    Provides overall instruction in study to sustainably get excellent GPA

    Helps fresh students get into American culture

    Helps fresh students quickly adapted to language and cultural differences

    Helps fresh students improve the abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing all-round

    Provides all-time and all-direction follow-up services in China:

    1. Before going-abroad to the US, tutorial

    2. Study-abroad consultants follow up and regularly report to parents.

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