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    Hebei Canglong International School - High school Section profile.

     Students can always feel the care and assistance from teachers. They live in a safe, beautiful place where is full of challenge. Advanced curriculum design not only maintains the advantage of basic education in China, but also can stimulate students’ interest in learning, improve their ability of independent learning, train their cooperation spirit and help them form critical ideas. multi ways of Chinese traditional cultural infiltration, highlighting the nation is the world, "the spirit of; a variety of school-based curriculum, social practice for students provides many opportunities to participate in community activities, to discover the world, to encourage the students willing to cooperate, the courage to compete, dare to express their own ideas.


    Teaching advantages 

    Docking international, domestic quality education resources;

    The national lead in the development of situational English textbooks;

    Layered English, mathematics teaching mode, with international practice;

    Independent school based curriculum, pay attention to the child's stage of growth


    Teaching objectives

    Build a strong cultural atmosphere, a warm campus environment, encourage the growth of each student

    Develop students' imagination; exercise the ability of students, in the practice of high school will be knowledge;

    Grasp the essence of traditional education, integrate into the concept of western education, and provide high quality English courses to train students with international vision; 

    With colorful campus activities, rich campus culture, so that students in the activities of self training, training students' organization, coordination ability 


    Curriculum system

    Basic cultural courses: the Ministry of Education designated under the syllabus of the basic cultural courses, to lay a solid foundation of knowledge;

    Unique multi course: the creation of scientific literacy classes, humanities, art, information technology, traditional culture, physical health, such as multi class courses.

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