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    International School

    Hebei Canglong International School’s primary school. 

    Chinese and western, teach students in accordance of their aptitude, really small class teaching meet the needs of individual students; Chinese and foreign high-quality team of teachers, sports teachers of students' character education, raises the student good character; multi class setting, the completion of a comprehensive system of compulsory education; rich extra-curricular activities, basic education and quality education both.

    Educational idea

    In Hebei Canglong International School core education idea, the  Canglong primary commitment to open the door to a fan of understanding the world for children, arouse the curiosity of students to know the world and lay them to become the foundation of lifelong learners. 

    We focus on training and learning ability and habit in the early growth of each student. We firmly believe that, in the age of students, has great plasticity, we encourage students to boldly pursue this age can do best, leading them to look at the world with eyes, give them unlimited space and platform to dabble in art, sports, science, academic and other fields, to open the eyes and mind to understand the various disciplines, so as to stimulate their future in terms of academic research and exploration ability. The school education is not only confined to the campus, we are more willing to put students into the community in the big classroom, let them feel the life, have to grow up to build a better future feelings. 

    Teaching objectives

    To provide safe, full of passion and caring environment, to encourage every student to show personality;

    Culture courses to lay a solid foundation, school-based curriculum development expertise, interest in training practical ability to highlight the individual competitiveness; 

    So that the child's talent to give full play to the imagination is richer, more resourceful, more open vision.

    In combination with the essence of western education, to provide high quality English courses, pay attention to language arts, training logical thinking and comprehensive practical ability, training students a high sense of responsibility, self-confidence;

    To create a diversified campus environment, so that students learn and learn to respect different cultures and beliefs.

    Curriculum system

    Features courses in Chinese and foreign teaching, infiltration type teaching, give students full guidance and language environment. 

    For all the students, the school in addition to the provisions of the national requirements of the curriculum, but also created a rich variety of school-based curriculum.

    Students from Grade 3 can take their own school-based curriculum. 

    , our school has set up a dozen studios, including sketches, Chinese paintings, creative arts, computer animation, English songs, vocal music, drama figure, taekwondo etc.

    Environmental facilities 

    High end electronic equipment and network environment 

    IPAD classroom, computer tablet use, make the teaching funny;

    Media teaching facilities and equipment, to create a dynamic demonstration of teaching environment function;

    Professional art classroom

    Dance, art, music, piano and other professional teachers, so that students can fully experience the beauty of art.

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