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    International School

    Hebei Canglong International School - kindergarten Section introduction

    Hebei Canglong International School introduced North Peiwen international education resources, using bilingual elementary education. In the optimal age of children to learn the language to their most pure English teaching environment; diversity class type, class Chinese classics, Montessori class, international class meet different students and parents demand; edutainment classroom, plantations and feeding angle let the child familiar with nature and love life; balanced development space, indoor picture book shop, pottery art studio, fitness gym, body, dance room, facilities modernization promote the pluralistic development of children.

    We pay attention to every student has a unique personality development. Starting from the child's interest, to explore together, found the problem, problem solving, thereby enhancing the child independent problem solving ability. A warm learning environment, open classroom, the interactive learning experience, immersion bilingual environment, rich and colorful of course, let the children contact with the cultures of all the countries in the world under the multiculture, we focus on the traditional culture and their moral and stimulate children's love of learning

    Educational idea

    In Hebei Canglong International School core education idea,  Canglong’s Department of kindergarten children for this, absorb the essence of eastern and western education philosophy, through diversified education, care for every one of the children, enlightening, the de, intellectual, physical, aesthetic development. Encourage children to challenge themselves, to become the best self. To create a good environment for the healthy growth of children, through a step-by-step guide to help children confident, creative, optimistic, intelligent, little owners of the future.

    Teaching method

    Inquiry activity experience;

    Cultivate children's creativity, ability to explore, open teaching in the west;

    Encourage children to ask questions, active learning, focus on team work to solve the problem.

    Chinese traditional culture, the training of children's national consciousness, so that their love of national culture, enhance the sense of self identity. 

    The most spacious activity space

    Exclusive sports venues and low age children's exclusive outdoor platform, imported original toys, large children's outdoor facilities, electronic interactive whiteboard and multimedia teaching facilities, immersed in the English teaching environment.

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