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Cang long Group officially docking International School University College of Dublin

Release time:2016/02/01

  January 12, 2016, ushered in the black dragon international schools overseas friends - Vice President of University College Dublin Jeremy C.Simpson visit. Dragon Group general manager Wang warmly received Equestrian Jeremy C.Simpson line.
  Love for education, attention to the development of globalization, so that the macro equestrian president, general manager and Jeremy C.Simpson hit it off, the two sides discussed in depth the current international education, reached a high degree of consensus and signed the agreement docking. Jeremy C.Simpson president highly appreciated the development of policies and educational philosophy dragon international schools, but also very grateful to Wang, general manager of University College Dublin Equestrian recognition, hope that in future cooperation, the two sides can work together together for international education and foreign-friendly and AC made outstanding contributions.
  UCD (University College Dublin referred UCD), built in 1851, the school and the business sector and international education, scientific research institutions to establish a broad partnership. The school level of education and its high quality pioneering research and world-renowned. University College Dublin is located in the south suburb of Dublin, Ireland, a vast and beautiful land, only 5 km from the city center. University College Dublin (UCD) is a vibrant modern university, is Ireland's largest university, the curriculum, including the humanities, business, sociology, medicine, veterinary medicine and natural science degree courses and postgraduate courses. University College Dublin is committed to providing first-class teaching and research and education.
  University Rankings
  2015 QS World University Rankings 154
  2014 QS World University Rankings 139
  Times Higher Education 2009 World Ranking
  The world's first 89, Ireland 2.
  Master of Business Administration Financial Times Global Ranking 2011
  78 global, Ireland 1.
  Financial Times European Business School Ranking 2010
  Europe 30 Ireland first.
  Master of Business Administration Rank 2009 Economist
  The world's first 37, the first in Ireland.
  Why Dublin?
  * Europe's youngest, most vitality, one of the most vivid cities --30 age population accounted for 30 percent, with most of the young population in Europe.
  * Ireland's capital, one of Europe's strongest navigable city center - easy to visit the historic city center, visit the classical architecture, museums and galleries, in one of the streets in the small restaurant or cafe to stop for coffee .
  * One of the oldest cities in Europe, the 9th century Vikings settled here, established in Dublin.
  * Rated as one of the world QS Best Student Cities
  * UNESCO awarded the "City of Literature"
  * Four Dublin writer was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature
  * Dublin author James? Joyce (UCD1902 BA) is considered one of the founders of modern literature

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