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Cang long International School officially docked in the Wichita State University

Release time:2016/02/01

  October 9, 2015, black dragon Chen Wei Li, chairman of the International School in Chinese dragon headquarters, met with US President Wichita State University's director of financial markets Fai Tai came visiting. Both for the development and promotion prospects dragon International School, conducted intensive exchange and communication. Ms. Fai Tai behalf of Wichita State University, to create a black dragon International School expressed a high degree of recognition and evaluation.

  After detailed negotiations, the two sides reached a formal agreement butt. So far, the United States after Wichita State University Kansas State University, Sun Moon University in Korea and many other well-known international universities, and signed a formal agreement with the dragon butt international schools world-class institutions of higher learning.
  Wichita State University, a comprehensive public university, founded in 1895. The school is located in a safe and friendly city. University is the same size in the safest. The school has 15,000 students, including 1,700 from 110 countries international students. About 100 Chinese students. Teacher-student ratio is 1:20. It has more than 225 professional and faculties. It has a language center, undergraduate, master's and doctoral programs. US News And World Report Top 100 Rankings. One of the first American universities recognized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Expansion of the existing campus to campus for enterprises stationed in more research and job opportunities for students. Standard admission procedures for 2-3 weeks, feature three days express admission procedures for selection.

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