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Cang long International School officially docking at the University of San Francisco

Release time:2016/02/01

  October 22, 2015, Chen Wei, chairman of the International School dragon in the dragon Lee Group headquarters, met with the Vice-Chancellor of the University of San Francisco from Stanley - Mr. Neil. Chen Wei Li, chairman of Stanley - Mr. Neil said the arrival of sincere welcome, Stanley - Mr. Neil also expressed the University of San Francisco to establish partnerships with international schools dragon confidence and expectations.

  The two sides fully-depth talks and reached a high degree of consensus and cooperation and tacit agreement signed docking. So far, the University of San Francisco is the second after Canada Prince Edward Island University, USA Wichita State University, Kansas State University, Sun Moon University in Korea and many other well-known international universities, and signed a formal agreement with the butt dragon world-class international schools institutions of higher learning.
  University of San Francisco (University of San Francisco) known as the "gateway to the West Coast," said San Francisco City, was established in 1855, is the oldest university in San Francisco because of a credit of up to $ 1200 of the cost of a lot of local people have been perceived as a "noble school ", opened 17 undergraduate majors and nine graduate programs. There are currently more than 8,000 students from 75 countries in this study. University of San Francisco is the representative of the United States professional development university, undergraduate education to its entrepreneurial spirit in the world, known as the cradle of Chinese chairman.
  University of San Francisco offers over one hundred programs include the arts, humanities, science, law, and education, including nursing. 21 interdisciplinary centers and institutes - the areas covered by the legal research and global justice from Latin America, to public services and common interests - through internships, service learning and study ways to explore the intricacies of the big global community.
  University of San Francisco International Foreign students are very friendly, from admission to the official student newspaper to have to learn in school, you can get a comprehensive service to help international students and scholars office. Office will also help students obtain visas, travel documents, work authorization aspects related information, provide an opportunity for students to meet new friends, help students adapt to the University of San Francisco life, home like feel.

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