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Cang long International School of formal connection to the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

Release time:2016/02/01

  October 17, 2015, Chen Wei, chairman of the International School dragon in the dragon Lee Group headquarters, met with the Deputy Director of the International Office of the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada Jerry Wang. Mr. Jerry Wang of the Tang Dynasty to the high expectations placed, very much like the dragon international schools become partners. The two sides after intensive conversations, reached a high degree of consensus.

  After detailed negotiations, the two sides reached a formal agreement butt. So far, the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada after the United States Wichita State University, Kansas State University, Sun Moon University in Korea and many other well-known international universities, and signed a formal agreement with the dragon butt international schools world-class institutions of higher learning.
  Cang International School is located in the Guye District of Tangshan City, covering 150 acres, the existing entities PREMISES buildings 70,000 square meters, has a complete faculty and school system. Equipped with a research and teaching building, multi-purpose track and field, basketball courts, soccer fields, gymnasium, studio, Sinology auditorium, theater, computer room, apartment dormitory and other advanced teaching facilities, it is a ten five-year, full-day boarding school system, which can accommodate 6,000 trainees for the training of talents provide a strong guarantee.
  Cang international schools to adopt Chinese culture education, multilingual education, the militarization of management, taekwondo and football combined train and so the five characteristics of the whole teaching methods, mainly Confucianism, Confucius Institute for reference, the unique mode of education and modern teaching Confucian characteristics combining the strong support of national policy, innovation, breakthrough stage exam-oriented education system inherent in shackles, created with Chinese characteristics, first-class international institutions, through the original proprietary advanced mode of education, to build a high-profile integrated culture talents end model institution.
  Prince Edward Island University (University of Prince Edward Island), 1969 年 made StDundstan's University and Prince of Wales College merged. There are 180 teachers, 3,560 students, a total collection of 48,600 library with arts, business, education, engineering families, music, science, medical and other professional. Prince Edward Island, a total of more than 200 faculty professor in many different disciplines, including: arts, science, business, education, nursing and veterinary medicine and other professionals. The school has more than 2900 full-time and full-time students studying. Graduate School programs include: veterinary science, chemistry, biology and education, the college offers a wide range of subject options and internship opportunities for the students, but also the addition of adult education and distance learning courses. University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, is listed as 2015, "Maclean's" university rankings Foundation Classes 10 universities.
  Cang International School taught Hotline: 400-112-8341,400-113-8341

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