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Cang long International School, a strong docking of the United States Kansas State University

Release time:2016/02/01

  September 23, 2015, dragon International School and chairman Chen Wei Li, director of China representative office Mr. Xia Tiehua Kansas State University on both sides with each other conducted intensive fieldwork, held a cordial meeting at the headquarters of the Group of black dragon. The two sides butt of world-class international schools dragon institutions related matters Kansas State University had a friendly exchange, and consensus. Mr. Xia Tiehua International School of dragon made a high degree of recognition and evaluation.
  Kansas State University is a class of the nation's university, founded in 1836, the Department of public universities, existing from 50 US states and more than 90 different countries, 24,581 students, Chinese students accounted for 3% of the total number of students. Including construction, engineering, food, management and other professional in a leading position in the US, it is one of the regular American University of China, Ministry of Education and foreign regulatory network announced.

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