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    Qi Zhihai——the principal of Hebei CangLong International School

    Release time:2016/09/03
    International School

    Qi Zhihai is the principal of  Hebei CangLong International School, the representative of  "The Twelfth Five-Year Plan"  national educational planning project— "study on effective teaching strategies and actions",and the founder of whole -unit question  learning-instructed mode.

    Many national newspaper and periodicals such as The people's education, China education dailythe China Education daily have given special recommendation to other educators throughout the country early or late and published three monographs dedicated to education.   

       Principle Qi is the Vice-Chairman of Chinese Educational Innovation Association and the distinguished expert of China Committee for the Wellbeing of the Youth, China's educational video network, National Training Institute of Education and China Cloud Education Institute. Principal Qi is also the Vice President of the Students-centered Educational Mode”

     Principal Qi has received many honorary titles such as "the top ten innovative principals"of the national educational characteristic 

    school, the provincial excellent teacher and municipal labor medal. 


      In order to meet the needs of international talents training, the school offers courses in Chinese and international curriculum, the multilingual teaching, diverse teaching team, equipped with integrated library, Chinese Forum, international report hall, simultaneous translation studio, international standard Lane swimming pool, remote teaching recording room, multi-functional gymnasium, modern apartment, simulation United Nations conference rooms and other advanced teaching facilities, for the rest of the world elite conveying talents to provide a strong guarantee.
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