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    Hou Yingjie—— Primary School Section’s Moral Vice Principal

    Release time:2016/04/11
    International School

     Hou Yingjie, Hebei Canglong International School’s Primary School Section’s Moral Vice Principal, and the lecturer of “Co-running by families and schools”Classroom of famous teachers.

     CPC’s member, associate qualifications, High School’s Senior teacher, national Grade 2 psychological consultant and the Children education’s senior lecturer.

    Has 35 years of experience in working at  public schools, 25  years of experience in class-teacher work. Used to win city-level, county-, district-level teaching proficient, Backbone teacher, excellent teacher and so on.

    Since 2000, has organized and participated in countless training lectures of teenagers’ growing-up.  She has done plenty of work on teenagers’ psychological growing-up healthily, and effectively helped two “Self-closed” students who hadn’t spoken out of closed area, become normal children as well.

    She has good political quality, firm ideal belief and rich educational teaching experience, and is able to combine traditional teaching practice with foreign advanced educational philosophy and achieve fully inclusive and equitable. She has a strong affinity, executive and organizing abilities and team consciousness. She has a calm character but full of passionate toward work. When working, she has clear thinking and innovative spirit, democratic style and quick action! She loves Educational cause, and faithfully fulfills the responsibility of teaching and educating people and serving the society. Teaching philosophy:“For the students,  we are all the teachers, and for the children, we are all the parents”. Modeling the healthy and well-disciplined conducting of  children is just to create the future of family and society!

    Sarah Salzer, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher, Columbia University Bachelor’s, Washington University’s Educational Master Studying.

    George Herland, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher, 威廉玛丽 College Bachelor’s, New York University Master degree/ Doctor Studying.

    Mariah Voutilainen, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher, Harvard University undergraduate Bachelor’s, Washington University Master Studying.

    Christina Bogar, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher, Washington University English Bachelor’s, West Washington University Educational Master degree.

    John Wreth, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher

    Oregon University’s Math Science Bachelor’s

    West Washington University Science Master degree

     Washington University’s Math Doctor Studying

    Christina Bogar, teacher

     Hebei Canglong International School’s excellent teacher, California State University’s富尔顿 School English Bachelor’s.

     Liang Luyao, teacher

     Liang Luyao, Hebei Canglong International School’s English teacher, Bachelor’s.

    Since going to school, she was always the school ”studying queen“ and many times representing schools to take part in competitions, exchanges, visits and other activities at home and abroad, got very good results as well. Since the beginning of work, she has been active in Educational sector and on the first-tiers of teaching and managing teams accumulated rich teaching and research experience. She is able to well control classrooms and to communicate with students very strongly.

     Motto: Seriously treat each day, love life.

      In order to meet the needs of international talents training, the school offers courses in Chinese and international curriculum, the multilingual teaching, diverse teaching team, equipped with integrated library, Chinese Forum, international report hall, simultaneous translation studio, international standard Lane swimming pool, remote teaching recording room, multi-functional gymnasium, modern apartment, simulation United Nations conference rooms and other advanced teaching facilities, for the rest of the world elite conveying talents to provide a strong guarantee.
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