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    Hebei Canglong International School (former Tangshan No.16 High School) was established in1956 and upgraded to be renamed Hebei Canglong International School. With rich campus cultural heritage the school has trained a large number of people with the makings of a statesman. Today it is a fifteen-grade-year  boarding school (including kindergarten, primary school, junior and senior high schools)  mainly invested in by the Beijing Canglong Shengshi Education Investment Co., Ltd and associated with the US Aisi Education and more than a hundred world famous universities of the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia, Ireland.


    The school covers an area of150 mu with a total building area of 70,000 sqm. Its comprehensive teaching buildings, student dormitory buildings, cafeterias and the luxurious auditorium are all the first-class, and a standard football field, basketball, volleyball courts and other outdoor facilities, indoor gym, club activity center as well are all available in all varieties, which provides a strong guarantee for students' physical exercise. The school adheres to the essence of Chinese traditional culture as well as is of the advantages of Chinese basic education and the oriental and western educational resources to train the talents knowing Chinese culture well, with global  view, and able to bear the mission of cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries as the goal. After graduation, students can go abroad directly to the famous universities of the United States, Britain, Canada, France, Australia and other foreign countries. Our school will in a full range provide IQ, EQ and FQ training and overall enhance students' leadership, creativity, speculative, social communicating, executive abilities and other qualities of internationalized talents.


    In order to meet the demand to train internationalized talents, our school sets up CAC, international curriculum, multi-lingual teaching, diverse background teaching teams, comprehensive library, CAC lecture rooms, international report hall, simultaneous translation studio, international standard thermostatic indoor swimming pool, remote teaching recording room, multi-functional gymnasium, modern apartments, the simulation United Nations’ conference rooms and other advanced teaching facilities, which provides a strong guarantee to supply talents to the famous universities all over the world. All the people of Canglong, taking the strong responsibility to promote education internationalized, are running a vibrant school, and making education highlight the glory of life and the children become worthy of the name of explorers, become open minded people, and become the all-round developed people. Canglong is sparing no effort to establish a open and future-facing“ Global education”, to foster students’ international consciousness, and to provide a broader space for development of lifelong education.  


    Vision: to build an internationalized school with top brand

    Motto: to prepare for a successful life

    Mission: to serve the education cause

    Educational core:health, happiness, confidence

    Part 1. Brief introduction to the group’ss president


     Zhen Weili - personal honors

     China Canglong’ss founder

     Canglong International School’ss founder

     Well-known young entrepreneurs mentor

    World Taekwondo Education Federation’ss president

    World Taekwondo Federation’ss promoted advanced individual

    World Taekwondo Federation’ss international teacher

     Chinese style Taekwondo education’s founder

     China's dual track education model’s founder

     China Canglong Education Institute’s president

     The Secretary General of China Master-Hand Association

     Tangshan CPPCC’s member

     Tangshan Taekwondo Association’s party secretary

     Tangshan Taekwondo Association’s chairman

     Taekwondo Dan and Level promoting officer


     Zhen Weili -  main achievements

    Set up Canglong Group—— China’s No. 1 brand Taekwondo education chain

    Founded Hebei Canglong International School


     Zhen Weili - main works

    《Taekwondo with Love—— Chinese style Taekwondo education’s practice and exploration(One)》

    《Log of MA School》

    《Take-off—— China Canglong’s Ten-Year History》

    《The Certificating System of Star MA Schools》

     Zhen Weili – the firsts in the sector

     The first one giving performance in the People’s Great Hall

     The first one registering a chain to be marked as a Well-known-trademark-enterprise

     The first one establishing the national vocational qualification training for sports

     The first chain of MA schools solving staff’s welfare insurance, bonus shares

     The first one giving 600.000 yuan to student parents

     The first one recruiting more than two thousand three hundred students in a single month

     The first one organizing the national black-belt teachers’ training of up to two hundred people

     The first one organizing competitions with over a thousand participants

     The first one founding business institute and systematically perfecting its journal

     The first one putting forward Chinese style Taekwondo educational philosophy

     The first one establishing the Canglong Love Foundation

     The first Taekwondo education chain enterprise winning the Third-Class Merit awarded by government


     Zhen Weili - Canglong quotations

     Education section

    1. Learning is self denial.

    2. The highest level of learning is to "use".

    3. It doesn’t matter to read fewer books and have low educational background. The key is to see whether you have the spirit of continuous learning.

    4. The key to accumulate knowledge is to sum up and share.

    5. You must develop education first if you want to strengthen country, you must attach importance to education first if you want to develop education, you must respect teachers first if you want to attach importance to education, and to respect teachers depends on promoting moral principle.

    6. Teaching MA is more important than teaching skills and passing on MA is more important than passing on techniques.

    7. Success includes three aspects:  career success, family success, the success of children's education.

    8. In China the problems of adolescent family education are:bear but not raise, raise but not educate, educate without methods, and have methods but no time.

    9.  In China adolescent training  should be dual model education.


    Business section

    1. Canglong people all should act as Canglong mission’s defenders, honor’s defenders, and spirit’s spreaders.

    2. Any person cannot lose his most valuable things, otherwise he will be not worth a farthing.

    3. Leaders’ ability to manage is reflected in ability how to distribute benefits.

    4. The highest level of anybody’s or anything’s value is reflected in whether to benefit people and to share.

    5. Those who can set trimaran and collect  joint forces can be successful in great cause!

    6.  Great achiever is not the person knowing how to control the gentle, but to run the villain.

    7. If you have the ability to gain the support of others, you will have the chance to success.

    8. The benefit people gain is much more than expected.

    9. How much you can succeed in cause depends on how many people can help and support you.

    10. Those in the battle frontier should be allowed to command fighting.

    11.  Managers should elevate their managing ability in practice and summary.

    12. A qualified Manager should in practice: find and solve problems in no time. Report them to the senior if unable to solve them.

    13. The standard for any organization to choose core talents must be a combination of both the thought and the goal.

    14.If business talents can be recruited, no need to have such training.

    15. Credibility is just the value of brand.

    16. Do not take the customer's height, to reflect the enterprise's service level.


    Conducting section


    1. Conducting, it is an art to be honest but not straight, to be magnanimous is the realm. Doing good things, you will have no regrets to yourself and friends.

    2. You should not only have a dream, but also have enough strength to persist.

    3. The greater your energy, the greater your responsibility.

    4. There are three kinds of mistakes made by people: ability mistakes, manner mistakes, and innovation mistakes.

    5. The same words spoken by different people will have different effects and the same thing different people do will have different results.

    6. The embodiment of a person's greatest value lies in raising the spiritual wealth and material wealth of more people.

    7. You have to experience some things if you want to grow up.

    8. When growing up, you must experience two things: one is practice; the other is the  accumulating  and the subliming of thought.

    9. To prove that you are still alive (making progress) is reflected in:(1). accepting new knowledge and self denial;(2). rapidly responding to new information and understanding ability.

    10. Human management is to respect human nature, acknowledge humanity, and then manage humanity, finally control humanity.

    11. The place of origin is responsibility

    12. People must learn knowledge and increase skills. If you have fewer skills, you may be able to raise families, be better than others, and gain honor to ancestors. If you have more skills, you can make contribution for the industry, for the country, for society, and for the human beings.

    13. Those who have results have the right to speak the most.


    Ten characteristics, “one-stop"  teaching,

    Provides the all-direction education solutions for parents and children

    (1). Two-liberating: Liberating parents and  liberating children.

    Liberating parents: allowing parents to truly free hands and create more effective value to the nation. The Unique Directly-to mode docks international famous schools and makes parents not worry about children’s "tests".

    Liberating children: there are five characteristic teaching ways: The scientific and reasonable teaching, traditional sinology education, Multilingual teaching mode, Militarized management, Taekwondo combined with football and Directly-to, so we do free children.

    (2). the directly-to mode

    The “Directly-to” mode exclusively created by us makes children no longer worry about “Entering Higher”.  The famous American educators used to say that, whether a school is good or not does not depend on how to set up  the test system of high score, rather than how to solve the students’  future.

    Hebei Canglong International School will dock directly International famous universities, it blends together the global international famous universities educational resources and constructs platform for entering higher schools or studying abroad. The multifarious intermediate links will be eliminated so the costs of both time and money for students to enter-higher and go abroad to study can be lowered.

    (3) Dual-education

    Dual-education means students’ education and parents’ education. Not only does Hebei Canglong International School educate children, but also educates parents. We will arrange parents having our lessons in school. Not only can parents learn advanced educational concept and advanced methods of family education, but also learn parenting experience of famous educators, child-educating experts, writers and many other celebrity role models. This will improve parents’ and children’s communication ability, cultivate the tacit understanding of communication, so that parents and children can learn together and grow together.

    (4) Traditional sinology education

      Drum sound and harps resonance, Black and white in the game of chess,  Canglongs and snakes follow one's writing brush -- good penmanship, Splash-ink landscape.  Canglong combines the unique traditional sinology education model with the characteristics of modern teaching. We will make advantages make up for the shortcomings, which properly compensates for the shortage of cultural quality in today's public-run education. Based on learning and accumulating traditional culture, we can make students understand principles, erudite, kindheartedness, and faithful. We use the Confucian philosophy of "Thanksgiving" and put filial piety first leading behavior in practice of daily behavior. All of these will improve the quality of the students and carry forward the traditional culture, promote the inheritance and development of Chinese civilization as well.

    (5) Militarized management.

    Hebei Canglong International School, as "Tangshan branch of the China Juvenile Military School", follows the military model and in a certain extent executes militarization management. We foster its strengths and curb its weaknesses to regulate students’ behavior and exercise students’ will and quality, improve the comprehensive qualities of students as well. We hire outstanding former soldiers starting with “sitting,walking and standing posture” and other characteristic ”the military codes of conduct", to help students form good habits and literacy. It makes up for the lack that other schools have only 15 days of military training per year. We, all-round, in multi-direction and continuously shape the good qualities of students. We make students, while keeping in the same paces and not lacking personality in the collective life, care for each other, promote each other, gradually improve the quality of the manifold, correct psychological problems as well as form sunshine, positive and healthy personality.

      (6) Multilingual teaching

    Based on three international languages (Chinese, English and Spanish) and other international popular smaller languages, after entering students can choose directly hoped docked international schools. According to the actual situation, the full-time foreign teachers of such schools can directly come to our school to teach. They are different from current general foreign teachers. Hebei Canglong International School will hire qualified foreign teachers stationing in our School to do routine teaching work, creating the atmosphere of learning foreign language, creating a multilingual learning environment, giving full play to foreign teachers of "local advantage” and providing students with authentic multilingual feast.

    (7) Featured physical education

    Taekwondo as an event of the Olympic Games, with its unique charm, is popular all over the world. Hebei Canglong International School has established close cooperation with Canglong Group and  the first domestic "Taekwondo" college, which makes students not only learn skills to keep fit, but also foster students’ quality in bearing hardships and standing hard work, perseverance and outstanding to become strong winners in their lives. Meanwhile, in accordance with the advantageous industrial policy of Chairman Xi Jinping --"Support folk forces to found modern football schools, starting from students to cultivate professional football talents", as well as with the existing modern site facilities, we will create the precedent of Chinese football’s industrialization, materialization, specialization, and elementalization.

    (8) Satellite classrooms

    Hebei Canglong International School opens satellite classes to set up a shared platform of global high quality educational resources. Canglong’s students, through satellite classrooms, can interact with foreign resources so that the Canglong International education advantage is strengthened. At the same time, the School with the help of the platform can send Canglong’s International education and more foreign education resources to students in need. Especially, it voluntarily supports remote rural students, demonstrating Canglong’s educational feelings.

    (9) Rich club activities

    Club activities are good way to develop students’ minds and to foster their innovative thinking ability, imagination, communication skills, social skills and so on. Our school sets up more than a hundred clubs globally favored which  greatly  meet the diverse needs of students, enabling students to find their own "genius, so they can lay a good basis for them to go to work and the society in the future.

    (10) Teaching fine small classes

    So-called fine small class has less than 30 students which takes full advantage of excellent teachers and good facilities to provide students with the opportunity to take quality education and care of every educate to achieve the best teaching results.


    Part 4.  School conditions,

    • Meticulous living guarantee


    The school has an integrated health room with medical treatment, disease prevention and health care in one body. The Health room is adjacent to the student dormitory buildings with a full-time doctor and an assistant doctor. The school ensures all-weather 24-hour medical staff in the school. The health room is equipped with conventional medical facilities, medicines, as well as two lounge, (men and women) and a disinfection room to which for daily routine disinfection operation is conducted every day and their air is clean. The school has complete < The emergency response plan on dealing with students accident harm >, <The nursing procedure during students are ill>, <The students infectious disease report and the handling procedure> to direct emergency treatments.


    To ensure absolute safety of food, the food stuff of canteens must be purchased and processed on the same day. Before acceptance, the school will participate in checking certificates all the way, to ensure the food safety during the staying at our school of teachers and students.

    To ensure students to dine hygienically, nutritiously and healthily, the canteens hire a number of high comprehensive quality senior and intermediate cooks and bakers, adopting the scientific and nutritious recipes drawn up under The domestic famous nutrition experts’ instruction and suitable for students' growth and development to provide more than dozens of different flavors of food every day for students to choose. They also specially provide nutrition catering, so that students’ diet nutrition at our school can be fully guaranteed. Considering national diet tradition, our school’s canteens also specially open Muslim windows.


    The school has perfect management service teams for students’ apartments, we are closely around  work principle of "all for students" and in The student apartment blocks we have people on duty 24 hours in shifts. We take "managing education, serving education and surrounding education" as the concept, foster and help students have a good habit of life. We also, by a variety of colorful activities of the dormitory culture, make the humanized service, personalized guidance, standardized management and civilized demonstration organically combine each other and make students live here comfortably and warmly.

    The standard of a room of our school student apartments is 4 people/room, equipped with independent bathroom, hot water supply in the morning and evening, convenient for students’ bath. Each student is provided with independent bookshelf, desk, closet, shoe ark. There is central heating in the room in winter and air-conditioning in summer. Each apartment has a balcony with cloth-hangers. Inside the apartment buildings there are also equipped with laundries helpful for students’ convenience and efficient running of their own lives.

    Hebei Canglong International School implements all closed-end management. Our teachers, within teaching area and living area, transit children from hands to hands of teachers, thus avoiding potential safety risks. 24 hour-closed-circuit monitoring systems are used by professional security team to ensure the safety of the campus all-round.


    The school is manned with full-time school bus driver team and equipped with three specifications of school buses, ranging from 48 large-sized Jinlong buses to 7 medium commercial vehicles and 5 standard cars, which can satisfy different transport needs of teachers and students at the school. 

    Each week there are fixed bus shuttles sending and fetching students: there is strict system of signing-in and departing for students to take the shuttles to ensure the safety of all students by shuttles.

    • Perfect teaching facilities

    The flag-raising ceremony, the standard teaching classrooms, small gardens, admissions office, lawn, chemical laboratories, school computer rooms, physics labs, auditorium, soccer fields, playgrounds, music classrooms, studios, yoga room, band rehearsal room, libraries, study rooms and so on.


    • Rich variety of club activities

    Taekwondo -- physical fitness training "moral-mind" gradually

    Taekwondo stresses "propriety, patience self-abnegation, indomitable spirit". Our school has Taekwondo as elective course every semester when professional Taekwondo coaches who have passed international certification would be invited to organize students to participate in Taekwondo competitions at home and abroad and to get students not only master the movement skills, but also learn more about the historical culture of sports.

    News agency -- let the world hear our voice

    Agency is one of the characteristics of community in our school. It has the domestic well-known editors as tutors, conducts interviews to the admission examination officials of the domestically and foreign famous universities, visits the world famous media, including the Olympic Games, Asian games, a number of international events to report. With our cameras and pens, we record ant write the history in our eyes.


    Sunshine hut -- let the warmth of the sunshine into our atrium

    Psychological club, the soul classroom and the "sunshine hub" are all a genuine spiritual homes of students where there are special instructors and club members waiting and working. They help the students facing difficulties in life and study relieve pressure and go out of the plight of the mind.


    Business simulation club – future Business stars start from here

    The simulation club aims at fostering students’ interests by means of simulating education, making students through social practice exercise their own ability, and helping students know themselves clearly. At the same time by different life experience "career days, it provides more direct and more scientific reference to choose university majorities.

    Drama club -- deduce different lives by using drama

    A drama performance is just like a small project. From the script preparation, organization and preparation of personnel to the rehearsal and space arrangement all need a great deal of investment and coordination work. In the incisive and vivid performances, the students gradually forget themselves, gain confidence and also win the applause.

    Band - use music to ignite passion of our lives

    Music is the voice of the global communication. The school will hold summer rock festival in every summer, which is a stage belonging to the students to show off. In the band composed of students themselves, the instructors, through playing a variety of Musical Instruments, interacting and coordination with training, get them deeply understand the true essence of "music has no borders".

    The art club -- with brush paint a colorful world

    We hope that our graduates not only have correct life values, but also have a certain artistic accomplishment even more. Through the hands of the brush to cultivate students creativity, teach the students how to study, problem solving, creativity, by exploring knowledge skills.

    American Football club -- show the charm of sports in the fight

    Waist flag football clubs in our school, will be the most pure waist American flag football tactics and convey to students the spirit of football, let the students in the campus of China feelings ahead of American campus culture.

    Robot club - the cradle of "engineers"

    A small engineers are a combination of information technology, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, control theory, sensor technology and artificial intelligence such as preface technology. Through the process of robot assembly of learning and training game, can make students combine theory with practice closely, improve students' practical ability and creative ability, writing ability and comprehensive ability.

    Mold association -- belongs to small diplomats of the club

    MUN (model United Nations (" MUN is an imitation of the United Nations and relevant international organizations, according to its operation mode and the principle, around the hot issues on international meeting. Young students play the diplomats of different countries, as a representative of the countries, to participate in the "United Nations conference". The delegates to follow convention rules, with the support of the meeting of the presidium, through speech "their country" point of view, for the benefit of the "national" debate, lobbying, and cooperates with friendly countries, they resolve the conflict; They discussed the draft resolution, and promote the international cooperation; They are on the stage of the "United Nations", give full play to their talents.

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